Short artist Statement:


I take my inspiration out of my surroundings. For this purpose I “use” people sitting, standing, walking somewhere without noticing their surroundings, sometimes totally lost in thoughts of their own world.

This could be some wish of myself, not to be distracted by my surrounding which is not always the easy one for me. Mostly I work with self created fotomaterial, Acrylic and/or Oil on Canvas, recently more experimenting with watercolours.I like painting with strong colours and strong ductus to boost with this technique and create strong contrast with light/shadows. Sometimes I need a break from humans and then I try to work with industry objects, industrial halls or quite different only dig into nature – big landscapes, snow, grass. Just because I like it and to calm down.

I´m no do-gooder but I love it when people take the time and study my paintings and they have a good feeling with it. Just because the paintings are very strong in colours/shadows/highlights or the topic is interesting or maybe sometimes only to stay for a short while in the world I show.



Public Collections:

  • 2018 Museum Nordico, Linz
  • 2014, 2017 Town of  Linz, Art Collection
  • 2014, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim/Wels


  • 2018, Alfred Schmeller Anerkennungspreis, Druckgrafik
  • 2016, Artist of the Day Upper Austrian Newspaper
  • 2016, 1st price Call for Design of an Artist Ship on the Attersee
  • 2016, Price Call for Art and Wind Energy in Vienna
  • 2015 Generali Ladies Cup Linz Art Contest
  • 2014 Call for Artists for renewable Energy in Berlin, Price and Exhibition
  • 2014 Finalist The Artist´s Magazine, Annual Art Competition